Cockroach Control: Protecting Your Kitchen Against Dirty Invaders


Spotting roaches in the kitchen can be uncomfortable. You may think of these pests touching your dishes or food. However, you can address a roach problem with the help of experts from Saela Pest. Cockroaches are drawn to water and food sources, so they tend to infest kitchens. Read on to learn some tips about roach elimination in your kitchen and how to prevent roaches from coming back. 

Different Cockroach Species

Roaches are insects that have two antennae, segmented bodies, and six legs. Many species of roaches exist in the world; however, the following are the most common ones that infest homes:

  • American roaches. Such species are red-brown and can be up to 2 inches long. They thrive in warmer parts of the country. These roaches nest outdoors in mulch or wood piles, in basements, sewer drains, and landscaping. 
  • German roaches. These tan or light brown roaches can be distinguished by the two dark brown stripes on the back of their head. They are quite common in homes and usually hide in areas that have easy access to food and moisture, which makes your kitchen their possible target. 
  • Oriental roaches. These species of roaches usually enter homes through moist areas like sewers, crawlspaces, and drains. They have a smooth, shiny black color.

What Roaches Eat

Roaches can infest even clean homes. These pests are not picky eaters and can feast on pet food, food scraps, garbage, decaying organic matter, glue, fingernail clippings, and sewage. They can still be alive up to one month even without. But they only have a week to survive if they do not have access to water. 

How Roaches Enter Your Kitchen

Roaches can make their way into your kitchen or pantry through tiny openings like sagging roots, roof, wall cracks, foundation gaps or holes, and plumbing damage. Also, they can hitch a ride on backpacks, bags, and suitcases. They can move from one apartment to another through holes in shared walls. Also, they can end up in your house by hitching a ride in the firewood you bring inside. These pests can also live in and around wood. 

How to Deal with an Existing Roach Infestation

Cockroaches usually work in groups. If you spot these pests scurrying around your house, there may be a bigger population nearby. Where roaches live, the conditions they prefer, and their reproduction rate varies by species. 

To stop an infestation, you must focus on making your home less attractive to roaches. Eliminate or reduce potential food, shelter, and wood sources in your house. Maintain your yard regularly and check the irrigation system for leaks. Also, get your property treated regularly to handle pests on-site and prevent new populations from invading your place. 

In addition, you should keep your food stored in airtight containers to ensure roaches cannot touch it. Keep food tightly wrapped in the fridge and get rid of shelf paper from the pantry or cabinetry. You should tighten up your cleaning routine to minimize food access. Tables and countertops must be cleaned thoroughly after each meal. Lastly, you must have a pest control expert handle a serious roach infestation as they target areas where these pests nest and breed.  

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